Both galleries from the game on 10/15 and 10/29 have identical photographs.  The low res gallery is yours to download at no cost and will look great on social media, including the team's website and on your phone.  

If you find an image that you wish to enjoy at a higher quality, please consider purchasing an individual digital download, entire gallery download (be sure to choose full resolution) or a print.  The download fees are kept low and are used to offsets costs.  The prints are professionally printed by White House Custom Color and are of a high quality.

NOTE:  Be sure to select FULL RES on the Gallery Downloads.  The low res are available at no cost.  


I saw the energy and excitement in Anna's eyes when we would pass in the staff common area on a Monday (we work together at a school).  She had a shiner, and a wore it like she earned it.  I knew I had to see a rugby match and capture some portraits. 

I want to create a series of images that features rugby players in diptychs from before and after games.  I have seen the same idea in youth Irish boxing matches and before and after endurance sports.  It seems fitting for this sport as well.  

I hope to return two more times this season and start to create a bank of images with any player that wishes to have their portrait taken.

Thanks for sharing a few moments of your time and hope you enjoy your own image and those of your team mates.  

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